The Garden of Your Mind

You can listen even if you don't have time to read!

Your mind is like a garden:
Whatever you plant will grow.
Your thoughts are seeds you’re planting:
They produce, each after its kind.

And you, just like a gardener,
Can choose which seeds you’ll plant.
And by the choice of seeds you sow,
You choose the harvest you will reap.

So don’t plant seeds of lack or fear,
Disease, discord, or doubt.
Plant, instead, the seeds you want;
Then things you want will sprout.
This gift of choice is given to all,
And not to just a few.
The harvest, friend, is in your hands:
The crop depends on you.

So take this power which you’ve been given,
And use it every day,
To gain from life the good you want,
For you have found the way.

Charles David Heineke, 1975
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